Jefferson County Civic Facility Development Corporation

Certificate of Incorporation

Organization Chart

Board of Directors

Board Meeting Schedule

January 3, 2019               February 14, 2019               June 6, 2019               October 3, 2019

Committee Structure

Financing Application:

Fee Schedule
Bond Application

Policies and Procedures

Bylaws, Mission Statement, Performance Measurements
Acknowledgement of Fiduciary Duties & Responsibilities
Audit and Finance Committee Charter
CEO and CFO Annual Report Certification
Certification of No Conflict of Interest
Code of Ethics
Compensation, Reimbursement & Attendance Policy
Defense and Indemnification
Discretionary Funds Policy
Disposition of Real Property Guidelines
Equal Employment Opportunity
Extension of Credit to Board Members and Officers
Governance Committee Charter
Independent Director Certification
Investment Policy with Internal Controls
Post Issuance Compliance Procedures
Procurement Policy
Real Property Acquisition Guidelines
Records Retention and Disposition Schedule MI-1
Travel Policy
Whistleblower Policy

Board Meeting Materials

June 6, 2019 - Agenda, Minutes
February 14, 2019 - Agenda, Minutes
January 3, 2019 - Agenda, Minutes

2018-2019 Financial Statements

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Committee Meetings



10/11/18 - Notice, Minutes
9/13/18 - Notice, Minutes

Loan Review


9/13/18 - Notice, Minutes


10/11/18 - Notice, Minutes

Current Projects

JCCFDC 2018-2019 Governance and Reporting

Approved Budget 2019-2020                 PARIS Budget Report FYE 9/30/20

JCCFDC 2017-2018 Governance and Reporting

Approved Budget 2018-2019                   PARIS Budget Report FYE 9/30/19
Annual Report                                          PARIS Annual Report
Internal Control Assessment                    Auditors Report on Internal Controls
Property Report
PARIS Procurement Report
Investment Report                                    PARIS Investment Report
Audited Financial Statement                    PARIS Certified Financial Audit